Practice Speaking English with Robot Mike

Posted: June 13, 2013 in English Speaking Training


Hi guys, how’s everything? I’m coming with my 14th website review. The next website that I found as a marvelous website is ESL Fast website. Here is the link

Well guys, I recommend you to visit this website to learn how to speak English like a native speaker, because this website provides a lot of superiority which guides you to have a good English speaking skill. I would like to remind you that the only thing you need to master English speaking skill is ‘highly motivated’ and the other aspects will follow it. Are you still in a high motivation guys? I hope so 🙂 is a really good website for you which provide one more interactive method to learn how to speak English like a native speaker. There a lot of advantages that you may get from this site. You can feel the different atmosphere of learning here. This website consist of six menus, they are: easy conversation, super easy reading, easy reading, 1.500 ESL/EFL conversation, sentence structure writing practice, and the last is 365 ESL short stories. Those menus will be explained in the following paragraph.

Do you think you have a boredom activity on learning? Or you might be annoying to remind such billion of word in order to speak English well? If yes, it’s mean that you need to find another way to learn English, and I recommend you this site to help you to have an interesting learning process through interactive application. Well guys, here you can access a plenty of conversations. The first menu in this site is easy conversation. In this menu, you have 15 categories of the easy and basic conversation, such as about daily life, sport, job, food, and its line. For each categories are divided into some sub-categories—the number of sub-categories depends on the category itself. It’s actually a short conversation between two people. You can also listen to the audio of the conversation by clicking the sound icon.

The second and the third menu of this site are about reading. The second is easy reading which consists of a short story for beginner. You can also listen to the audio—as I told you by clicking the sound audio. In the bottom of the story you can find three menu, see on the picture bellow:


in the vocabulary menu, you can find the meaning of each difficult word that used in the story. For the cloze menu you can find an exercise named ‘gap-fill exercise’. What you need to do is filling all the gaps, then press “check” to check your answers. You can use the ‘hint’ to give you a free letter if you don’t remember the word, but you will lose your point if you use the hint. The last menu is sentence. Here, there are some exercises, what you need to do is to rearranging the sentences until it becomes good sentences. It’s easy, interesting, and knowledgeable.



Well, the fourth, this website provides you 25 topics of more than 1500 ESL/EFL conversations. You can learn by the conversation and listen to the audio—again by clicking the sound icon. By having a simulation (such conversation) so you don’t only learn new diction but also the way to use the words. It helps you very much in your speaking skill. Please read and listen the conversation here!

The fifth menu that I would like you to know is sentence structure writing practice. As the title of the menu, it must be consist of sentence structure. But here, you will learn the structure of the sentence through exercises. Here is the example of the exercise.


The last menu of this site is 365 ESL short stories. As same as with the easy reading, it also consists of short stories, but which makes it different is; it has a higher diction and longer stories as the easy reading. Just enjoy then 🙂

Well guys, I have told you about the six menus of this site. But I would like you to continue your reading of this website review, because I still have the core of this site that I would like to share to you. H ave you ever imagine learning with a robot? Here you go! You can practice your writing skill by practicing a conversation with ‘Robot Mike’.  Let me introduce you to Robot Mike. He is a smart robot, so you can ask everything with him and get the appropriate answers from him. He can answer your questions accurately and quickly. Noting different like a conversation in a chat room. Robot Mike is made to help learners to learn English through main tools. You can’t even realize that it is a robot, since you can talk everything through this application. So, what’s the advantage? You can talk with a native speaker, you learn from it, and the result is ‘you can speak like a native speaker’. You may try to imitate the way robot mike speak, at first. After that you can use the vocabulary or expression that he might use.

How to start to use this web?

The first is enter the fourth menu of this site; 1500+ ESL/EFL conversations on 25 topics. After that choose category and sub-category of each item you want to learn, after you really go to the conversation, read and listen to the conversation, and then click the above link ‘practice the conversation of this topic with mike’.


And then you can talk everything with robot mike.



Happy trying, happy learning guys 🙂

Loving you as always ^_^


Emi Fitri Audina (F12112009)


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